electro synthetic rebellion
Dark Electro / Industrial music

ESR was created in 1997 as a solo studio project.
In the early years (80's and 90’s), bands such as FLA, Skinny Puppy, F242 or Klinik were an influence on Vince's compositions. He started playing music back in 1988 and had different group experiences before ESR.
Vince worked during two years in order to create his own musical atmosphere and reach a certain kind of maturity, leading to a first unreleased demo album entitled "Re-Birth" in 1999 (Note : the song « Final Rebellion » appearing on ESR 2nd official album is taken from that first demo).

In the year 2001 a new album saw the light of day, “Distorted Visions” has been released in Europe on the German label « Wire Productions » and is known as ESR debut album. This album got a really good feedback from the press (Talent Support in Zillo Magazine / September 2001). At that time ESR has been described has a “melodic dark Electro mid-tempo group”.

The second album by ESR entitled “Corroded Fragments” has been released in 2003 under the form of two slightly different releases, one for the North American market released by DSBP and one for the European market released by Wire Production. “Corroded Fragments” was a step forward including different approaches in addition to the “usual” ESR rebel songs. This albums also includes a few remixes by friends of ESR. The song “Black out” has been selected by Johan Van Roy from “Suicide Commando” to be part of the “High Voltage III” compilation.

This period (2002/2003) has also been very productive for ESR as a remixer, quiet a lot of bands have been asking for ESR remixes.
In parallel Vince started thinking about a side project entitled “Bio-Mechanical Degeneration” to experiment darker instrumental tracks…Also, Vince joined the US band DIVERJE as an additional member. Several tracks from Vince appear on the two last albums by DIVERJE.

2004 saw the return of ESR with a third album entitled “Persistence” released by DSBP and distributed in Europe by Black Flames Records (Note : BFR has closed door and stole us a bunch of CDs...). This album is more aggressive and danceable than the previous ones and mainly focuses on the roots of ESR’ state of mind : “a never ending fight against hypocrisy, injustice and human madness”.

2004/2005…After a quiet long Lethargy and a project re definition, the debut album of ESR’s side-project “BIO-MECHANICAL DEGENERATION” entitled “Exoskeleton” written in collaboration with Tommy T. Rapisardi (Diverje, In-Fused and DSBP label manager) has been released late December 2005 on DSBP in North America and in Europe on ADVOXYA-HUN.

“Wounds And Scars” is the name of the fourth album released in september 2006 by the DSBP in North America and GRAVITATOR in RUSSIA & CIS countries.

Late 2006/Early 2007, ESR decided to self-release a collection of previously unreleased tracks and rare versions as a limited run under the title “A Passage in Time (V1)”.

The fifth full length by ESR entitled "POST INDUSTRIAL" has been released in November 2008 by GRAVITATOR in Russia and DSBP in the USA.

In 2010, the first E.P. "Distorted Memories" was released as a limited run. Actually It's more than an E.P as the total running time is apporx 74 minutes! It includes new songs and remixes taken from "POST INDUSTRIAL".

2011 was a special year for ESR...10 years ago the debut album "Distorted Visions" saw the light of day.
So a special year needed a special product to celebrate the 10 years anniversary!
ESr and ADVOXYA worked hard to create an amazing boxset including a new CD "A Passage In Time V2" (including previously unreleased songs and are remixes), a new single "RAISE YOUR FIST!" released as a 7 inches vinyl, a T-Shirt and an exclusive poster!

In 2012, a few remixes by ESR have been released and late December, a compilation is out by DSBP including a brand new song "Revolutions".

In May 2013, the new album "TIME OF FEAR" is released including the songs "Revolutions", "They play/We lose", "Stand Up Now!" and "Raise Your Fist!" which was previously released as 7" vinyl. The album received great reviews. Here is a excerpt from Side-Line.com : "Electro Synthetic Rebellion is not the most renowned project in the scene yet the dark-electro experts for sure cherish and recognize this band as truly qualitative. “Time Of Fear” simply confirms the talent and great musical approach of ESR."

May/June 2014 : time goes by...it's been 13 years now that the debut album "Distorted Visions" was released and not all the secrets have been unveiled yet...
ADVOXYA deceided to re-release the debut album "Distorted Visions" and in order to release a limited collectable DCD, we deceided to include the first ever demo album by ESR made before "Distorted Visions" which is entitled "Rebirth" and we also add unreleased versions taken from "Distorted Visions".
The release is a beautifull digislim DCD with a brand new layout.
If you want to discover the genes of ESR and discover a few surprises, put your hand on this very limited edition right now!

June 2015 : A new limited re-edition is released. "Corroded Fragments" the second album by ESR has been remastered for that re-edition. Also an unreleased album entitled "Entropy" which was recorded inbetween "Distorted Visions" and "Corroded Fragments" is included in that collectable edition. Bonus rare or unreleased remixes have been added for a total of 29 tracks on 2 CDs.

Main 2017 : "Machines Of Destruction", the brand new album sees the light of day!
E.S.R 2017 - "First Aid" & Contact: